Training Philosophy

dalmation dog trainingCompassionate Dog Training

Dog obedience training doesn’t have to be an ordeal for you or your precious pet.  The Happily Wagging Tails training philosophy is…
  • Strengthen the bond between dog and owner for a better relationship
  • No matter the age or breed any dog can learn with the right guidance
  • Teach them what you want and motivate them to do it consistently through positive training methods
  • Make learning fun for both owner and dog
We also believe in….
  • Being a strong leader for your dog
  • Passing on the tools to build communication, mutual respect and trust
  • Setting up the dog and the owner to succeed
Our training methods include…
  • Balanced and Positive Reward Training
  • Luring and shaping behaviors
  • Reinforcing techniques with treats, affection and praise

Once you experience the difference that professional dog training with Debbie Collins of Happily Wagging Tails can make, you will wonder why you waited until now. We look forward to working with you and your dog.