• Dog Training Services

    Happily Wagging Tails offers personalized training in private or group settings, teaching obedience training, housebreaking, behavior corrections, agility and more.

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  • About Happily Wagging Tails

    Debra Collins of Happily Wagging Tails is a certified dog trainer serving the Long Island area, working with all breeds and sizes.

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  • Pitbull Training

    Pitbull behavior, like that of other breeds, is largely determined by training. Happily Wagging Tails is experienced in training pitbulls and related breeds.

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Debra Collins, Certified Dog Trainer

Happily Wagging Tails dog training and certified dog trainer Debra Collins, based in Bellmore, Long Island can help improve the relationship between dog and owner by dog training for behaviors including barking, biting/nipping, chewing, other destructive habits and more.

Dog training helps to put your dog at ease. Knowing that the owner is in control reduces the dog's anxiety and aggressive behaviors, and can lead to a better relationship between the dog and its owner, the dog and other dogs, visitors, friends and family.

From puppy kindergarten to correcting bad habits in older dogs, Happily Wagging Tails dog training is here for you and your pet.

We'll work with your dog to correct:Happily Wagging Tails

  • fear and anxiety
  • biting
  • barking
  • nipping
  • chewing and other destructive behaviors
  • reactions to other dogs or people
  • housebreaking difficulties
  • boundaries